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This page is for those desiring assistance with the home buying or selling process  Tricia is also a realtor with Fathom Realty.  She can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In.  Her website can be found at https://triciawilliford.fathomrealty.com/  In addition to services in listing, selling, and investing in real estate, this site is for those interested in getting their home or business "show ready" through the art of Virtual Staging.  

Whether you need a completely staged home, just a few rooms, or even need to delete furniture and declutter prior to listing, showing, or renting your home,  Tricia's Staging can help!

About  Tricia

Tricia is an active real estate agent with Fathom Realty ​since October, 2018. Prior to then, she was with Keller Williams Realty for four years  at their Hillsborough, NC  branch office.  She has successfully closed over 30 real estate transactions, having  represented both buyers  and sellers.  Both  land, commerical,  and residential  properties have been listed and sold throughout the Triangle area of North Carolina. 

Property values sold or listed have ranged from $40,000 to $699,000.  She has represented buyers in new construction homes and previously built homes.  A long time resident of the Triangle area, she is aware of the market trends and has  participated in and hosted numerous Open Houses .  Home sellers have been assisted in their sale by her home staging services, whether it be decluttering, partial, or whole home vacant staging. 


​Staging certification and training was completed in 2013 with Home Staging Resource https://homestagingresource.com  Since that time, both traditional staging and virtual staging has been offered  to agents and  home sellers. Currently, she enjoys offering the more affordable Virtual  Staging services. With furniture rental easily exceeding $1000 or more for the traditional 3 month listing contract, the alternative cost of $25  per room when staged virtually is a much more affordable option.  She can work with your photograhper of choice, or you can be referred to an excellent photographer who also offers drone photography.  The  pricing for both of these options is again more affordable than the traditional staging method. 

Rationale for Staging in Today's Market

Why stage in today's busy and competitive market?  

Staging will bring buyers quicker, and a staged home can  yield a higher sales price for the seller.  Even in multiple offer situations, a staged home is often "behind" the selected offer.  Many buyers are not adept at visualizing a vacant home's potential, or able to visualize a decluttered home. A  well staged home in today's market is a  definite "win-win" for any  seller!

Are there any drawbacks to Virtual  Staging?​

Will the buyer feel deceived when the home does not appear as it does in the popular home search engines or in the local MLS?

It will be important for the listing/showing realtor to disclose that the home has been virtually staged in the photographs. It is always suggested that this be disclosed in the MLS and in the home search engines, as well.  Tricia suggests having copies of the staged home placed in the the actual home so that the buyers can again visualize the home's potential as they enter it when it is vacant. 

With the current sophistication of the virtual software now used, the cartoonish appearance is now greatly decreased. An expert in virtual staging can make it difficult to tell that the staging is virtual.

Service Prices

Compare  our service packages and find the best fit for your needs. 

Basic Package


Per Photograph- includes the cost of furniture removal if needed

*The Quantity is the NUMBER OF  ROOMS  YOU  WANT  STAGED

Examples include:


Kitchen/Dining Rooms

Living rooms

Den/ Study

Bonus Rooms



Add to Cart

General Information:

The $35.00 charge  includes the staging, decluttering, and/or removing of furniture for each picure you send in. 

Please specify in each picture ​you  send in exactly what is needed. 

Use the  Email Contact Form to detail  what is needed in each picture.

Please  email quality photographs from your photographer that do not have  their branding  included. 

Please inform your photographer that their  picture will be altered. Make sure you get their permission!

Basic Package with Furniture Removal
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Consultation  Package


Includes a site visit and/or  additional consultation with the agent and/or seller

Includes a one time only consultation charege of $50

This is a one-time only charge.

Constulation Package
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Please email to tell specifics about your staging  project. Please include the number of rooms to be staged, what  package you desire, and your timeline for completion. Any additional information about your staging project you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Don't forget to send your pictures from your photographer.

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