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Vaccinations  Required

We require each pet that uses our Pet Gym to have current Rabies and Distemper-Parvo  vaccinations. Please have your veterinarian email documentaiton of these vacciatnions to [email protected] prior to your visit.  


The owner is responsible for the supervision of their pet(s) during the sessions.  Paws and Claws, Etc  takes no responsibiity for any  problem that may arise during the session.  Exercise with your pet(s) at your own risk


Call Paws and Claws, Etc. at 919-241-4395 or email at [email protected], or text to 919-417-2341.  


It is expected that all owners will allow their pets to eliminate prior to their scheduled session.  We realize accidents  may happen!  The pet owners are responsible to cleaning up any accidents. Materials will be provided for your use.  Failure to follow this may result in a cancellation of your session.